DLP Resources Expands Copper and Molybdenum zone on the 100 % Owned Esperanza Project with an Additional 53 Rock Samples Returning up to 3.46 % Cu, 130.5ppm Mo, 7930ppm Zn and 245ppm Co

Cranbrook, British Columbia, (Newsfile Corp. – April 25, 2024) DLP Resources Inc. (“DLP” or the “Company”) (TSXV:DLP) (OTCQB:DLPRF) announces receipt of the second phase of rock sampling results from the Esperanza porphyry copper-molybdenum project immediately south of the Chapi Mine in Southern Peru (Figure 1).

Results for the additional 53 rock samples taken in the initial reconnaissance sampling and mapping of the northwestern part of the project have returned highly anomalous copper, molybdenum, cobalt and zinc in mapped intrusive stocks and polymictic breccias within the overlying volcanics (Figures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).


  1. Fifteen of the fifty-three rock chip samples returned values between 0.3% Cu and 3.46% Cu (Table 1 and Figure 2).  These samples were taken from outcropping quartz diorite and polymictic breccias with visible copper-oxides, iron oxides and tourmaline in fractures. 
  2. Rock chip samples with high copper grades included:
    • Sample 1208 – 0.69% Cu, 130.50ppm Mo, 7930ppm Zn and 42.30ppm Co.
    • Sample 1226 – 1.84% Cu, 1.38ppm Mo, 1115ppm Zn and 42.50ppm Co.
    • Sample 1227 – 1.71% Cu, 5.56ppm Mo, 2490ppm Zn and 176.50ppm Co.
    • Sample 1229 – 3.46% Cu, 16.15ppm Mo, 1480ppm Zn and 185ppm Co.
    • Sample 1231 – 1.26% Cu, 2.43ppm Mo, 1050ppm Zn and 39.60ppm Co.
    • Sample 1232 – 0.70% Cu, 3.75ppm Mo, 487ppm Zn and 22.50ppm Co.
    • Sample 1237 – 1.54% Cu, 6.34ppm Mo, 774ppm Zn and 57.20ppm Co.
    • Sample 1240 – 0.82%Cu, 4.10ppm Mo, 410ppm Zn and 17.10ppm Co.

See Table 1 for the anomalous set of results for the second phase of rock chip samples and Table 2 for the first phase of anomalous results reported on March 13, 2024 (see DLP Resources Inc., news release of March 13, 2024).

Mr. Gendall, President and CEO commented: “With two phases of rock sampling and mapping completed on the Esperanza project, an area of 3.5km x 1.5km has now been identified with anomalous copper and molybdenum in rock samples. These anomalous copper-molybdenum values coupled with other porphyry copper indicators are very encouraging for locating a mineralized system at depth in this porphyry copper belt immediately south of the Chapi copper mine.”  

Table 1.  Summary of Select Rock Chip Results for the Esperanza Porphyry Cu-Mo Project – Phase 2.

Nommm%ppmppmppmRock Chip Samples 2x2m Sampling Area
120181345762431851711<0.0115.3330.7Qtz-Tourmaline breccia
120281345752430851721<0.0122.5670.8Intensely fractured diorite with FeOx boxworks
120381345662430751707<0.0123.2690.9Diorite with SS clasts and Fe-oxides + Tourmaline
120481345852430941710<0.0141.2985.1Sandstone with Fe-oxides + Quartz-sericite
120581345842431021721<0.0120.5639.9Diorite with argillic alteration + intense veining of Fe oxides
1206813457024310717120.0135.3201.7Diorite  + Veining with FeOx + Mn + Neo + Tm
1207813450724315117140.0237.810758.5Diorite  + Veining with FeOx + Tm
1208813448524319017290.69130.5793042.3Diorite, Arg, with  SS  and Qtz vlts and FeOx boxworks +Tm
1209813429324314117160.0111.0514613.8Diorite, Arg with  SS  and Qtz vlts and FeOx boxworks +Tm
1210813445424333017290.0437.3454.8Diorite, Arg altered, qtz-FeOx + Tm + fine alunite? in matrix.
Nommm%ppmppmppmRock Chip Samples 2x2m Sampling Area
1211813467624284417280.023413810.9Diorite Sil, Qtz vlts, Mn-Tm, intense angular fractures.
1214813481724275417290.0117.35239.3Diorite, Arg Alteration, Vlts of Qz, FeOx, Mn +Tm
1215813484624271817280.0120.23333.7Polymictic Bx frag of SS with FeOx veins + Mn
1217813491824286517180.017.482211.7Diorite QSP with Qtz vlts and FeOx-Mn
1218813497124287217110.017.372311.6Diorite QS with FeOx, Mn veins + intense fractures.
1226813632124450418861.841.38111542.5Polymictic Bx, pseudostratified with presence of malachite
1227813616424468218521.715.562490176.5Polymictic Bx, pseudostratification + malachite and Mn
1229813618124481718523.4616.151480185Polymictic Bx?, with malachite and Mn in matrix
1230813622424460918870.465.7337311.8Polymictic Bx?, with malachite and Mn in matrix
1231813619824455715891.262.43105039.6Polymictic Bx?, with malachite and Mn in matrix
1232813615224450018840.73.7548722.5Subhorizontal polymictic Bx with malachite and Mn in matrix
1234813610824449418760.414.7755354Polymictic Bx with malachite and Mn in subhorizontal horizons
1235813603324451818780.445.0254724.1Polymictic Bx with malachite and Mn in subhorizontal horizons
1236813608024456418530.767.911270245Polymictic Bx with malachite and Mn in subhorizontal horizons
1237813595824458718561.546.3477457.2Polymictic Bx with malachite, atacamite and Mn
1239813588024451318630.254.3637920.6Polymictic Bx with malachite in a subhorizontal horizon
1240813579224451018610.824.141017.1Polymictic Bx with malachite in a subhorizontal horizon
1241813567924456818520.386.1450626.5Polymictic Bx with malachite in a subhorizontal horizon
1242813535324401017890.123.22100146Polymictic Bx with malachite in a subhorizontal horizon
1244813544324406517920.324.381500115Polymictic Bx with malachite in a subhorizontal horizon
1245813440324271816740.0114318.9Diorite, Arg., with Mn in irregular veins
1246813454024298516910.015124134.4Diorite, Arg., with Mn in irregular veins
124781343642428301667<0.0123553.5Diorite, Qtz, Tm, FeOx in boxworks + intense fracturing + veins
124981342002426741645<0.015.79496.3Quartzite/SS with FeOx in veinlets/fractures and presence of Tm
125081341582426401637<0.0117.05111.6Quartzite/SS with FeOx in veinlets/fractures and presence of Ser
175181340932425621628<0.0126.94819.7Bx of quartzite/SS with FeOx boxworks + FeOx in fractures
175281346272420821626<0.0112.28418.1Diorite, Arg, FeOx + quartzite/SS with FeOx boxworks
1754813443424225416450.0259.5891.7Vein?, QSP, malachite and OxFe in fractures and boxworks
175581342492422911634<0.0112.371.1Bx, QSP +FeOx boxworks +quartz
175681342442422761643<0.014.87273.6Bx, QSP, presence of FeOx boxworks + quartz
175781342202422481651<0.0110.2513929.4Bx,  subangular fragments, Qtz-Tm?
175981340702423511607<0.0110.05292.8Diorite, QSP, FeMo in fractures, FeOx +intense fracturing
176081341682422651644<0.0113.812118.7Bx, quartz veins with FeOx, Mn and Tm in fractures
Notes: Bx-Breccia, Qtz-Quartz, Tm-Tourmaline, Vlts-veinlets, FeOx-Iron Oxides, FeMo-ferrimolybdenite, Mt-magnetite, SS-sandstone, Py-Pyrite, Ep-Epidote, Chl-Chlorite, Arg-Argillic, QSP-Quartz-sericite-pyrite, Ser-Sericite, Sil-Silicified, Lim-Limonite, Neo-Neotocite, Mn-Manganese, Qtz-Quartz, V-Very, Frac-Fractured

Table 2Summary of Select Rock Chip Results for the Esperanza Porphyry Cu-Mo Project – Phase 1.

Nommm%ppmppmppmRock Chip Samples 2x2m Sampling Area
1153813681924438019530.440.77201079.9Quartz Diorite, FeOx + Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1159813670824445119400.016.31597.6Quartz Diorite, Qtz Veinlets + FeOx + Calcite
1160813653624453019290.016.84714.2Aplite Dyke, FeOx + Neotocite
1161813632424471919593.881.473540281Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1162813632924471419592.841.752510237Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1163813631124472319553.341.391905238Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1164813631324467418533.851.461885323Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1165813681824438419543.171.261600210Quartz Diorite, FeOx, CuOx, Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1166813681824438419540.220.54149068.3Quartz Diorite, FeOx, CuOx, Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1167813681824438419531.101.492030155.0Quartz Diorite, FeOx, CuOx, Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1168813681824438419530.070.3436123.20Quartz Diorite, FeOx, CuOx, Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1169813681824438419530.420.893270136.5Quartz Diorite, FeOx, CuOx, Malachite + Mn + Tm?
1171813673924440919304.671.763060209Quartz Diorite, Arg Alteration, Qtz Vlts, FeOx, + Vlts Calc
1172813632424471919324.711.632030383Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1173813632924471418531.151.322730286Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1174813631124472318531.451.28115526.4Polymictic Bx, Qtz + Tm + Ox Cu + Mn
1188813445624182419170.0114.86530.9Breccia, FeOx, Lim boxworks
1189813461524191319220.0128.8244.70Polymictic Bx, FeOx in fractures
1191813544724257319300.0210.28217.20Quartz vein, Strong Fracturing with FeOx + Mn
1192813463124325819260.026.54985.80Andesite fragment, FeOX, Intense Fracturing
1193813464624328219290.012.46272.20Quartz Diorite, QS Alteration, Very Fractured
1194813474524312519290.012.95482.60Quartz Diorite, FeOx, Turgite,
119581347972433411925<0.013.08770.80Quartz Diorite, FeOx, Turgite, Intense Fractures
119681344712434721924<0.0114.8424.00Quartz Diorite, Quartz Vlts, FeOx boxworks, Intense Frac.
119781341642432661917<0.013.76953.60Diorite with Qtz Vlts, Leached – FeOx + Qtz Tm vlts
Notes: Bx-Breccia, Qtz-Quartz, Tm-Tourmaline, Vlts-veinlets, FeOx-Iron Oxides, Mt-magnetite
Py-Pyrite, Ep-Epidote, Chl-Chlorite, Lim-Limonite, Neo-Neotocite, Mn-Manganese, Calc-Calcite
V-Very, Frac-Fractured      

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

DLP Resources Peru S.A.C, a subsidiary of DLP Resources Inc., supervises sampling and carries out surface sampling and mapping of outcrop at the Esperanza project. Rock chip sampling was done within a maximum area of 2m x 2m and descriptions were carried out by a geologist. Samples are bagged and sealed on site before transportation to the ALS Peru S.A.C. sample preparation facility in Arequipa by Company vehicles and staff. Rocks are crushed with 70% passing <2mm. Sample is split with riffle splitter and 250g pulverized to 85% less than 75um. Prepared samples are sent to Lima by ALS Peru S.A.C. for analysis. ALS Peru S.A.C. is an independent laboratory. Samples are analyzed for 48 elements using a four-acid digestion and ICP-MS analysis (ME-MS61). Overlimit samples for copper and silver were re-analysed by four-acid digestion and ICP-AES (ME-OG62). In addition, sequential copper analyses are done and reports, soluble copper using sulphuric acid leach, soluble copper in cyanide leach, residual copper and total copper.   ALS meets all requirements of International Standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 for analytical procedures.

DLP Resources independently monitors quality control and quality assurance (“QA/QC”) through a program that includes the insertion of certified reference materials.

Esperanza Project

The Esperanza Cu-Mo Project is an early-stage exploration project in Southern Peru consisting of 4,600 Ha of claims which are 100% owned by DLP.  Esperanza is located ~35 km SW of the Cerro Verde Mine in Arequipa and immediately south of the Chapi Copper Mine.

Copper-molybdenum mineralization was initially observed in an early reconnaissance program undertaken in 2022. Subsequently we have completed a satellite alteration mapping program over the project and identified alteration consistent with porphyry copper-molybdenum systems. Follow-up of alteration and subsequent sampling and mapping commenced in early 2024.

Figure 1:  Esperanza Project Location

Figure 2:  Esperanza Project –Anomalous copper, molybdenum, zinc and cobalt in rock samples.

Figure 3:  Esperanza Project – Simplified geology with anomalous copper in rock samples.

Figure 4:  Esperanza Project – Simplified geology with anomalous molybdenum in rock samples.

Figure 5:  Esperanza Project – Simplified geology with anomalous zinc in rock samples.

Figure 6: Esperanza Project – Simplified geology with anomalous cobalt in rock samples.

Qualified Person

David L. Pighin, consulting geologist and co-founder of DLP Resources, is the qualified person of the Company as defined by National Instrument 43-101. Mr. Pighin has reviewed and approved the technical contents of this news release.

About DLP Resources Inc.

DLP Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration company operating in Southeastern British Columbia and Peru, exploring for Base Metals and Cobalt. DLP is listed on the TSX-V, trading symbol DLP and on the OTCQB, trading symbol DLPRF. Please refer to our web site www.dlpresourcesinc.com for additional information.



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