The wholly owned Redburn project is comprised of 12 mineral claims totalling 53.6 km². The property is situated 12 km northeast of Golden, BC within the Redburn creek drainage and is accessible by logging roads. Geologically the property covers rocks of the Middle to Late Cambrian Chancellor Formation which host SEDEX style massive sulphide Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization at Cummins Creek and Mississippi Valley-type Pb-Zn-Ag at the Monarch-Kicking Horse deposits near Field, BC. The Redburn project is considered prospective for SEDEX and Mississippi Valley-type Pb-Zn-Ag as well as sediment hosted Cu-Co-Ag.

In 2018 a limited heavy mineral stream sediment survey was completed within portions of the Redburn drainage. Results from the 2018 survey showed strongly anomalous values for copper, cobalt, and lead within a number of side-tributaries. In 2019 DLP conducted a more thorough heavy mineral stream sediment survey targeting a total of twenty-five tributaries. Eleven of the streams returned moderate to strongly anomalous values for copper, cobalt, and lead. Assays from five consecutive streams along a 3 km long trend averaged 1,107 ppm copper, 240 ppm cobalt, and 2,395 ppm lead (note these values are quantitative).

A widely spaced, reconnaissance-style soil sampling program was completed on two contour lines along the lower slopes of the Redburn drainage adjacent to the most anomalous tributaries. Both lines returned anomalous values for copper, cobalt, and lead that remain open up slope.

Limited follow up prospecting in 2019 within two of the anomalous tributaries identified one bedrock occurrence of narrow, massive chalcopyrite veins, within a exposed section of sheared sedimentary rocks below the anomalous heavy mineral sample site. A selective grab from the showing assay 9.34% copper and 3.39 g/t silver. Additionally, a number of mineralized copper bearing limestone breccia boulders were identified which assayed up to 4.9% copper and 2.39 g/t silver.

During 2020, 168 Soil samples collected and analyzed and 16 heavy mineral concentrate samples were collected.

For the 2021 field season, geochem anomaly of Co-Cu will be followed up.